Parameters of 12 square meters disaster relief inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-23

The 12-square-meter disaster relief inflatable tent is a double-storey, double-slope and straight-wall construction. A triangular window is opened on the planks of the mountain. The open gable has a triangular window, a square window, and two square windows on the vertical and horizontal walls. Disaster relief tents can have side walls erected to form an awning, and the entire tent is pulled up with ropes and reinforced with tripod. Complies with the MZ/T 011.2-2010 standard of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Let's take an example of the parameters of the 12-square-meter disaster relief inflatable tent.

Size: 3.7x3.2x1.75x2.67m

Fabric: Single-sided coated PVC waterproof and flame-retardant coated cloth

Color: sky blue PANTONG 19-4049

or sky blue Pantone 17—4041

Flame retardant: ≤15 seconds

Adaptable temperature: -45°—+65°


Frame wind resistance: 6-8 grades

Surface water resistance: 160-200mm

Hydrostatic pressure: ≥50kpa

Erecting and shrinking When returning, do not drag the cover to the ground to avoid twisting and scratching.

After rain, snow, and strong winds, check the roof for water accumulation, snow accumulation and loose straps, and deal with them in time.

Awning parts and accessories may not be used for other purposes.

When putting away the disaster relief tent, if any parts or accessories are found damaged or missing, they should be dealt with in time.

Beware of many tent scams and beware of being deceived.

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