Tips of Choosing High Quality Inflatable Slides


Tips of Choosing High Quality Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides,no matter ground slides or water slides,are commonly seen among amusement parks,aqua parks and bouncy castles. Inflatable slides are popular with young people and kids all over the world. It can bring much joy and happiness to players. Since it’s popular and well accepted by customers,many investors want to give it a try. For beginners,it’ll be difficult to select from various slides. Following tips are useful when choosing inflatable slides.

Good inflatable slides comes out of good materials. High quality inflatable slides are generally made of PVC materials. In inflatable products filed,PVC is widely used. There are several types of PVC materials. For inflatable slides,laminated PVC(also known as pvc tarpaulin) is mainly used. Laminated PVC is a types of outstanding materials which is made up with 3 layers, two layers of PVC and middle layer of grid mesh. PVC tarpaulin is a perfect choice for inflatable slides,it has excellent performance of waterproof,fireproof, UV protective, tear resistance etc. Given that slides are mostly used at outdoors, PVC tarpaulin can sustain extreme temperature between below 30℃ and above 70℃. Due to these advantages,PVC tarpaulin is durable and can be used for several years. When choosing an inflatable slide,focus on the thickness,softness,sense of touch and resilience. At the same time,almost all slides are colorful and attractive. Color of the pvc material shall be considered when purchasing.

Workmanship is important and crucial for products’ quality. Sewing and welding are two mainly technologies used on inflatable slides. Airtight performance is a must when doing quality check. No matter sewing type or welding type slides,good airtight performance is needed to ensure safety. Normally sewing slide needs to be inflated for hours (up to 24 hours) continuously,and welding slide needs to be checked several hours (up to 24 hours) after inflation. For visual check, inspector should focus on stitches of connecting parts, corners etc. It’s widely applied that double ,even triple stitches are used on inflatable slides.

Given that main players of inflatable slides are little kids,it’s important that the materials should be environmental and safe enough. Normally the pvc materials provider should provide product quality certificates. It’s basic that PVC materials used should be lead free. When doing quality check, make sure manufactures can provide quality certificate. What’s more, the slide shall smell good without any pungent odor.

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