Global Extreme Sports Association


1. WCS: World Cup Skateboarding, which is based on athletes, mainly develops skateboarding around the world, organizes competitions and certifies other events. Since the establishment of the WCS PRO TOUR professional tour in 1994, WCS has increased from the original 3 stations to nearly 20 stations now, covering Europe, the United States, Australia and Latin America.

2. BIU:  BikeTrial International Union, promotes climbing sports around the world. Its tour tours are on the continents of Asia, Europe and America, and its branches are spread all over the world.

3, HSA: Hoffman Sports Association  founded by BMX talent MAT HOFFMAN and hence the name. Promote the promotion of stunt bike BMX and organize events in the world.

4. ASA:  Aggressive Skaters Association is an international skater organization. It is the organizer of many international extreme sports events, such as X Games, Gravity Games, etc., as well as its own ASA professional tour and amateur tour. To promote universal sports, the ASA Amateur Tour includes skateboarding, extreme inline skating and BMX flat fancy competitions. The event has 55 races and is held in 21 countries and regions around the world. It is the most raced event in the world. one.


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