Inflatable Seesaw Toys for Lake Water Park


Inflatable Seesaw Toys for Lake Water Park 

My first time saw this kind of seesaw inflatable water toy was the summer before last. My boyfriend took me to the water park.

I had never seen this form of play rides before, and was a little surprised to see the inflatable seesaw playing groups in the pool at the same time -- people of all ages, kids, parents, teenagers, hot couples like us, or some friends who just look like they're coming out together. They all enjoyed themselves and had a good time.

The inflatable seesaw toy in the water park, with both ends facing up, bends into the curve of a smiling mouth. The players sit on both ends of the inflatable seesaw, using their own gravity or impact force, either sitting at the farthest end of each end, or lying flat on the inflatable seesaw, pressing or bouncing hard to force the other to fall into the water for entertainment.

I was so excited to sit up and play with my boyfriend that I thought I could use some clever tricks to get him into the pool.

But when I actually sat on it, I began to panic. It was more exciting than I thought. The people playing and fighting next to me, falling in or out of the water creates waves, and it takes some practice and a bit of tact to keep my balance and dominate the matchup with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was very quick to start, soon became very familiar with these paths, and he even threw water at me through the ups and downs.

The air cushion seesaw on both sides also has the strong artificial pull ring, feels the joint, the material is comfortable. Holding it tightly, I didn't get tossed into the water, but my boyfriend tried to watch me make a fool of myself, even turning the whole inflatable seesaw over! Oh, my god. But we had a good time.

Because a seesaw can actually sit a lot of people, and we ended up having a lot more fun playing with another couple.

When we came out, we were asked by several staff for a little questions about using experience. During the exchange, we found that they were the manufacturer of this inflatable seesaw, named CuangZhou Joyinflatable factory probably? They come to supply sites to collect opinions, hoping to improve, and to find inspiration. I think this dedication to work is really rare. It deserves encouragement.



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