Selection of Construction tent


First of all, we should choose the brand to make sure the quality but also to ensure the safety of the user, the majority of construction tents are used in the construction site for temporary residence of workers. The construction of large brands of tents using high-quality raw materials This is the most important point of choice.

Second, we should determine the size of construction tent. Construction tent size is appropriate, may have a direct impact on the tent function in the actual use of play. According to the size of the site and the number of people choose the size of the tent. Tent is too small may not meet the requirements; and the tent is too large may cause the use of waste and other issues. So we should choose the construction tent before we should determine the size of the tent we want to buy.

Then, select the construction tent is need to pay attention material, tarpaulin rainproof, breathable, pipe upset, cold and warm good performance, but also the useful life of protection. The quality of the judgments to some extent by the quality of the decision, the use of raw materials are used thicker to prevent the perimeter, wind, rain and UV. And procurement inflatable stent structure, you can always move, the weight is light, is a very good choice.

Finally, is to choose the cloth of construction tent,Guangzhou joy inflatable limited have to choose to buy with the positioning hole of the wear-resistant anti-corrosion cloth. Remember to choose and tent supporting the ground cloth, otherwise it will affect the overall use of the tent

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