How to do when Inflatable floating water park leak?


If you find somewhere leak , firstly you can wipe off the leaked location, and then smear the surface with soap-suds to check the leak point. If it is a small hole, you can use a small piece of circular repair fabric (any size pvc materials and glum are in the repair kit ), and then brush glue, waitting the glue become dry and the stick on the hole . If the heat sealing seam crack lead to leak you can do following steps:
1, the first clean up the heat sealing seam .
2, Take the PVC materials from the repair kit and brush glue ,brushing must be uniform, the thickness appropriate, brush twice, it can be cohered
3, the shape of the patch materails should be designed to be round or oval, try to avoid the square and acute angle interface shape, lap width can not be less than 30mm.
4,after the glue dry can be bonded, the patch must be smooth, no wrinkles, roll, scrape, while the supply of heat with a hair dryer for easy bonding. After 6 hours of bonding can be inflated use .

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