What is inflatable tent


What is inflatable tent ?
The general requirements of the Inflatable tent are light weight, simple assembly, fast lifting speed, long and stable rigidity, waterproof, comfortable use, convenient maintenance, long service life and good adaptability to special environments.

The product is generally designed by the principle of structural mechanics. The gas pressure is used to expand the Inflatable tent  to form a column with certain rigidity, and the skeleton of the inflatable tent is supported by the organic combination. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the load-bearing size of the tent can be set, and the performance of the polymer coating used determines the service life of the frame and the rigidity of the frame, and the rationality of the air chamber setting is determined. The support limit of the entire frame.

Various valves (inflating valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valve, safety valve, etc.) determine the overall performance of the inflatable tent, such as the speed of the inflation speed, the speed of the exhaust, the restraint of the inflation limit, and the air tightness The adaptability of valves in inferior and special environments.......etc., and the material selection and form structure design of various valves have also led to the development of charging and exhausting devices.

In addition, the choice of tarpaulin and the choice of fittings also determine the practicality, applicability, and use value of the special environment. Of course, the aesthetics and humanization of its products will also affect the popularization and application of its products.

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