Tips You Need to Know about Inflatable Water Park


Tips You Need to Know about Inflatable Water Park
Aqua park,also know as water park,is quite popular during summer times. Generally,popularity will bring visitors,money too. So economic inflatable water park becomes popular with investors too. Before staring this business,there are a few tips you need to know.
1. Make decisions based on appropriate proportion of cost and rate of return. An inflatable water park usually contains several connected independent units. These units makes up the basic cost. Besides, the space renting fee, assembly fee, maintenance fee and labor fee should be included when calculating the total cost. When estimating the return(profit),the following factors should be concerned. For example, the service life. Generally speaking, an inflatable water park can be used for 3-5 years. What’s more, the capacity, visitors volume, charge mode etc should be taken into account.
2. Safety issue. In most cases, inflatable water park is placed on lake or seaside. Considering that the visitors are mainly children,it is a must that lifeguards are needed. So before opening up an inflatable water park,the owner must make sure that enough qualified lifeguards are all set. Regarding the numbers of lifeguards, it should conform to local regulations.    
3.  Minimum of water depth. If you want to place the water park on water areas, you meed to choose suitable waters. After loaded with customers,the water park will become quite heavy. To avoid touching the bed of the water, minimum water depth is demanded. There is a formula which helps you make a judgement. First you need to know the height of the top of the water park. For example,the top of a water slide is 4m high. Based on common statement, average height of an adult person is 1.8m. Then the minimum depth is(4+1.8) /2=2.9m.
4. Utility performance. We add reinforcement strips for all our products, so the items have good airtightness and more durable.Excellent long-lasting performance in both fresh and sea water. So it can be used on land,pool,lake and sea,which means it can sustain salt water. What’s more, it can perform well even under inclement weather conditions. It can be used in hot areas,such as Thailand. The temperature range it bears is from below 18 degrees to 65 degrees above.   


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