Inflatable slide


Inflatable slides, is composed of different materials such as PVC, by blowing equipment such as air blower set in advance or blowing in the operation of the slide modelling projects, mainly by all kinds of cartoon characters, placed in the park, playground for the kids to play.
Because the product’s inside is air, so when the child climbed up the inflatable water slides they will feel very soft and comfortable, what part of the sliding surface friction small, it doesn't hurt their skin because of friction.
By climbing and gliding, it will enhance the children's will and confidence, also can exercise their courage and adventure.When the children "swish" down, they can enjoy the joy of success,adults also can play with them so that they can have fun and protect their children.

In fact, inflatable products are very convenient,including collection and the transfer, it can fold, can custom different style modelling, It is easy to maintain , just wipe it with a damp cloth when it is dirty,you only need to take off your shoes and remove the sharp objects from your body before going to play when you used the inflatable water slides.

If you don't use it for a long time, fold the clean equipment, bundle it, and pack it.the storage temperature is usually at -50~+40 degrees Celsius,and the equipment should pay attention to the insect bite.

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