The relationship between Aggressive Skating and Our Inflatable Stunt Air Bag


         Many people in China know about speed skating, flat fancy, confrontation and even roller skating projects such as roller skating. However, many people have never even heard of the "extreme skating" field, which has been sought after by young people in Europe and America.

        Aggressive Skating, also known as "stunt roller skating", includes U-shaped pools, bowls, these traditional extreme venues, including FSK, Wild Street neighborhoods, etc., is an adrenaline surge.

        It is a leisure sport, but it is also a competitive project. As the sport continues to improve, it has already appeared as a competition in all major roller skating events. This year's first national roller skating championship in Lishui will be held in August this year. Among them, the limit roller skating project is included.

        The full name of freestyle roller skating, referred to as FSK, is different from those of flat ground fancy, and it is not limited to a flat ground. FSK has a very famous slogan: Turn our city into our playground! The main inspiration is the speed and limit of Agspeedive techniques, combined with Downhill, Slide, and Artistic techniques. It is a new, modern response. The development of roller skating has become a symbol of urban roller skating spirit in Europe and America!

       Extreme roller skating is also called stunt roller skating. The ESPN game that everyone often sees on TV is mainly the limit roller skating of the venue, including various sliding steps, sliding steel tubes and flipping. It can be subdivided into “STREET” (block) and “RAMP” (U-shaped pool, bowl). Each person uses his skills to interpret his understanding of “limits” and constantly breaks through the limits of his physical psychology. ".

       Extreme skating is difficult and dangerous We must take good safety precautions in both the competition and training . You can use our PVC Inflatable Stunt air bag to protect you body ;head ; arms and legs from the damage . Our inflatable airbag  is for all kinds of sport and you can adjust the softness according to your rquirements . 

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