inflatable stunt air bag custom

We unveiled the FOAM PIT Big Air Bag – A low profile, highly durable airbag designed to cope with multiple simultaneous landings from up to 8 meters above ground level. Today the FOAM PIT BigAirBag is the most durable, reliable and safe alternative to traditional foam pits on the market.Our Factory using the 0.55mm and 0.9mm Plato Chemical materials and the most advanced production techniques available the FOAM PIT Big Air Bag is becoming a standard for trampoline parks across the globe.Require customer provide the measure of the site ,include the length ,width and the height .

Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited is the one of  manufacturing aqua water park in the Guangzhou China . The enormous “water park floating playground is an exceptional value and great for the birthday parties ,family reunions , company picnics or just having fun with friends .The equipment is sate of the art and it’s great for all the ages .
Inflatable water park/aqua park is a series of inflatable slides,runways ,jumping pillows and the bouncers all connected together and floating in a large ,clean and the refreshing lake or sea .It features swings, ramps ,jumps,ladders ,a trampoline , a slide ,wiggle bridges ,and so much more .There is a great variety of different shapes ,size and functions ,making the activity exciting and entertaining for everyone ,bring your energy ! 

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