Inflatable medical rescue tent is different compared to the general inflatable tent


inflatable midecal tent  is different compared to the general inflatable tent , it is mainly used in the military, civil affairs, the Red Cross, the health sector floods, earthquakes and other emergencies emergency rescue. So what performance characteristics of the inflatable medical rescue tent  ?
Medical rescue inflatable tents features: inflate before small size, easy to carry, without structure. Inflating  3 ~ 5min to shape, to use the function; appearance resistance surface is small, windproof  is superior to the steel structure tents, Inflatable tent also is equipped with automatic compensation systemmay making the gas to maintain the constant pressure for a long time.According to the function to any honeycomb  combination  , All of the tent connect is air tight, in inclement weather,keep indoor can be completed  all the work in the tent group. Tent airbags using high-strength polymer composite air-dense cloth, using high-frequency special mold heat-type.
Inflatable medical rescue tent Technical performance:
1,Can be a variety of honeycomb type connection group . With warm wind generator and air -condition interface
2, the use of the environment: wind 8 below, temperature -30 ~ +65 ℃. Configuration 220V 16A power supply
3, inflatable molding time 5 ~ 15min, recovery inspiratory time 15 ~ 20min. Cylinder pressure 300kg Plug diameter 1/4
4, rain: hydrostatic pressure ≥ 50kpa tarpaulin materials flame retardant ≤ 15
5, no leakage of rain, the door cloth filed, the surface waterproof 100 ~ 200mm. Inflation pressure 20kpa
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