Maintenance Tips of Inflatable Stunt Air Bags


Inflatable stunt air bags are commonly used at X-sports. With its good protective performance, it helps ensure players’ safety a lot. While sometimes,the inflatable air bags may get damaged due to misuse or accidents. It’s important to follow correct instructions of repairing and maintenance from manufacturers . As for maintenance,there are two types,daily maintenance and troubleshooting. Following tips help perform maintenance work correctly and accordingly.

As for daily maintenance,it’s important to make sure the air bag shall not be overloaded or scratched. Although inflatable air bags are designed with air balance scheme,too many people on the air bag at the same time is prohibited. It will exceed the pressure the air bag can sustain and affect the normal function&service life. Also scratch is harmful to sir bags. Inflatable air bags are made of high strength pvc materials,which is strong enough. While it’s still important to get it away from sharp&hard things. Cause once air bags get broken,it can not perform its protective function. During use,it’s a must to check the internal air pressure. If the surface of air bag is too soft,then it’s needed to check whether there is air leakage,breakage or fault with air blower. If the surface is too hard, then a few air valves should be opened or inlet tube should be tied up a little bit.

When air bag is broke or encountering other faults,please follow tips below.

1. Scratch or broken. Find repair fabric,wipe glue even on the fabric and wait 30 seconds. Then paste the fabric on the breakage and press for a moment.

2. Severe air leakage. Check and find breakage points,and paste repair fabric on those points. Wait a few minutes,get the air bag inflated and check again. If leakage still exits,it’s strongly suggested to contact manufacturer for help.


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