4 Tips To Make Best Use of Inflatable Water Park


Summer days, people flock in water parks chasing for coolness and joy. As water parks grow popularity, many people choose to invest in this filed. While selling tickets is only a small part of the total income. To make the best use of inflatable water park, there are still several methods which can help operator gain income effectively. Following are 4 useful tips.

1.  Self-managing products. Besides tickets, there are so many products which operators can develop and sell to customers. Generally,there are 4 types of products, swimming things,children’s toys, beverage and snacks&quick meals. Inflatable water parks are normally placed on lake&sea waters,so swimming things is a must,such as swimming suit,trunks,cap,goggles etc. Since most of customers are kids,so children’s toys will be a good choice. In most cases,kids will spend quite a long time on inflatable water park,then their parents&family members will be in demand of food and beverage. Other products can also be developed based on local situations.

2.  Advertising income. Inflatable water parks are large in scale and conspicuous. Due to its giant size and vivid printing colors,it’s usually attractive for both kids and adults. Operators shall make use of both inside&outside of water park.

3.  Swimming training. Inflatable water parks are perfect natural swimming pools. They are guarded by protective rail and supervised by lifeguards. Operators can cooperate with professional swimming training organization and share profits as per certain proportion.

4.  Holding joint events. Inflatable ware parks are giant and open,which is suitable for holding many events,such as company gathering events,interesting sports match,commercial advertising events etc. By holding those events,operators can obtain profits and promote water park’s popularity at the same time.


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