How to choose the site to install the an inflatable amusement park


As the tertiary industry becomes more and more important in the economic proportion, the Inflatable amusement park is belonging to the tertiary industry has also developed rapidly, and the inflatable amusement park can be said to be very hot recently all over the world . So now Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited will tell you how to choose the site to install the an inflatable amusement park


The profit of the inflatable amusement park needs to have enough tourists, so the operating venue of the inflatable amusement park must be arranged in a place with a large flow of people. Of course, now that land is worth a lot, although a large flow of people can provide more tourists, but the rent will be more. It is best to choose the place based on the size of the inflatable amusement park and the amount of reception available. The best case is that the amount of reception matches the amount that can be received by the inflatable amusement park.


When it comes to people with large traffic, it's very natural for us to think about are parks, playgrounds, commercial plazas and tourist areas. These places are also the best location for operating inflatable amusement park. However, so many different venues must be treated differently when operating. For example, commercial plazas and playgrounds make sure the flow of the people. They are the preferred venue for operating inflatable amusement park, so rents are generally higher and business projects are more, therefore the competition is fierce. If there is an opportunity to rent such a place, the investment is relatively large. So it is necessary to investigate more to reduce the investment risk. First, the flow of people who visit the game, then the fare, and then one is available. What else is suitable for the equipment .Parks and tourist areas are relatively low in terms of rent, but venues such as parks and tourist areas are subject to instability and seasonal restrictions, and there are restrictions on operating time, so everyone must do well before investing. Psychological preparation. Parks and tourist are suitable for long-term fixed operations


The second is to choose according to the location of the venue. The venue in the city center or in the more prosperous areas is of course the first choice, but such venues are basically occupied by others. Don’t hesitate if the price of the transfer is reasonable; another one if the venue is not too remote in the urban area which is also a better choice. More famous tourist areas are also a good choice, but there are seasonal restrictions.


The environment, transportation and business environment around the site are also considered for the selection of the venue. The greener site is cleaner and more comfortable, and the inflatable amusement park has a beautiful greenery as a background. Needless to say, traffic can provide a larger business-oriented scope. The surrounding business environment is the shops around the value. If there are restaurants, toilets, inflatable toy stores, etc. around the inflatable amusement park, visitors can enjoy the services they need. This environment naturally allows guests to stay.


Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited has more than ten years of experience in the production and research of the inflatable products. Our inflatable park are of high quality and are sold well both at home and abroad.


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