Introduction and Instructions Of Inflatable Water Slides


Introduction &I nstructions of Inflatable Water Slides

Water slides,evolved from traditional ground slides. It’s a popular game which grows its popularity among kids and young people recent years. Players need to climb to the top of the slide through steps. Then slide down to the bottom under the force of gravity. Since players slide on water, it’s comfortable and cool experience. In summer days, people can obtain coolness and happiness though this game. Normally, there are two main types of water slides, inflatable water slides and plastic water slides. They are commonly seen at entertainment parks, aqua parks and children’s amusement parks.

This two types of water slides have their own advantages and disadvantages regarding using experience.

Inflatable water slides are mainly made of PVC materials, which is waterproof and fireproof. Before use, it needs to be inflated by electric air blower or air pump. Inflatable water slides are all customized products, which allows various shapes, colors etc. By using PVC materials, inflatable water slides are light weighted and foldable . It’ll be much easier to pack up, move and maintain the inflatable water slides. What’s more, inflatable water slides occupies smaller space than plastic ones. Combined with low cost PVC materials, inflatable water slides is a much more economic investment option than plastic ones.  At the same time, limited by materials, inflatable water slides are normally linear type.

Plastic water slides are made of multiple materials, such as engineering plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastics, steel frame etc. Plastic water slides can be made into various shapes, like spiral, high slope, wave, S-shaped etc. While plastic water slides are heavy-duty, which is not convenient for moving, packing up. Before use, professional workers and several work days are needed to install and test the slides. Also it needs large space. When encountering any faults or damages, it’ll be hard to maintain.

Considering from cost and maintenance, inflatable water slides is a better choice for most investors. 

For more details and guidance of inflatable water slides, please check link below.


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