Free design portable paint booth


Free design portable paint booth

More and more people choose to baking paint exhibition cabinets for commercial display.

The lacquer light booth is better than the matte one. It is not easy change color, and do rise very handy, daily general usable half wet towel is brushed, if have the stain mark that does not wipe, can use washing powder, toothpaste to scrub. It does not fade easily and is as shiny as new when rubbed. Unlike the matte showcase, dirty to be cleaned with a small brush, due to its appearance potholes, dust inside difficult to stack.

Show ark of lacquer that bake is rich colour, can do diversity modelling, to the display of product characteristic and the brand image that the product shows have very good reflect. 

Guangzhou Joyinflatable Limit dedicated to the development of a series of convenient, strong and beautiful household or public air cushion products, the Inflatable Portable Paint Booth is one of the popular series. Its beautiful outside, strong and big inside.

Joyinflatable Brand Inflatable Portable Paint Booth 10m length and 5m width to make body repairs in anenvironment similar to traditional spray booth and whatever the weather constraints, it especially protectsthe environment against damage related to the paintand solvent emissions.

The paint mist is evacuated by means of a motor placed at the rear of the cabin, which sends a large flow of air passing through the prefilters and allows to direct the paint mists. To the filtering walls at the front of the inflatable spray booth which are fitted with an activated carbon filter. The inflatable paint booth is equipped with traditional cab filter and prefilters to allow incoming air to befiltered and to protect paint emissions to the outside

It's easy to install and take down, only need to fill the air pump can be built. This inflatable tent is durable enough to last 3 to 5 years. Our products will never fade in the sun like other bad ones on the market or be exposed to the sun to decompose a large number of harmful gases brought can customize the size, colour, logo, advertising of your company.

If you are interested in the Inflatable Portable Paint Booth , here is the order link of our factory, you can click here  ( know more. 

Every product has its own product test video and the detailed material, appearance, construction, and advantage explanation. So do the series of other air cushion products that are highly evaluated.

Sincerely looking forward to your long-term cooperation, if you need a large order, please contact customer service to discuss the discount order.



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