How to product Inflatable stunt airbag


How to manufacture  Inflatable stunt airbag


Draw the 3 D drawing and send it to customer confirm everything is fine .

Confirm all these details :

1. the size (included the length ;width ;and the height )

2.The position of the logo 

3.the quantity and the position of the blower pipe 

4.structure of the products 

5 .the thickness and the color of the materials .


1. Divide accurately the width of the each piece materials as same as guarantee the quality, not waste materials, and save the cost .

2,the space between D anchor and the eyelet is marked in each piece materials to ensure accuracy and standardization

3. Intake and exhaust are also marked in the piece to reduce the time cost of later modification.

4,Locating logo painting, warning board position , we can make the waring board with different language .


composing by the computer :

Input typesetting cutting piece by the computer 

Reduce material waste and save cutting time


Automatic cutting machine:

Automatic cutting machine to cut the materials precisely control by the computer .

Reduce material waste and save cutting time.


Spray painting :

Our print meet the ASTM and the EN71 standard Non-toxic and non-irritating smell .

Print include the logo ; theme priting ; warning board and the EN14960 CE certificate . 

Sew :

we always apply double stitching anywhere on the inflatables and quadruple stitching in positions where may sustain much force and pressure .machine with supper excellent 9 in 1 waterproof nylon threads.

Statistics :

                                Max      min       Average     CV

force (N)                 184.4     176.3     180.15      2.13

Tenacity(CN/dtex) 7.17     6.89       7.03        2.13

Elongation(%)           21.5      17         19.45       11.37

Time(Sec)                 12.9       10.2      11.68      11.37

Quality inspection :

1. cuting the redundant thread 

2.measure the size included the length ,width ,height .

3. check the position of the logo whether as same as the drawing or not . 

4.Confirm the  production order list  to check if the precautions are made as required.

5.Our  staff try out the products . Take photos and videos to confirm with customers


packing :

1. Packaging sealed, reducing the transportation cost caused by volume for customers.

2, the maintenance kit is fully prepared and packed in the product.

3, the packaging bag is firm (a layer of PVC packaging, a layer of film, a heavy product to hit the tray)

4, paste product pictures or gimmicks, to ensure that the wrong goods will not be sent.

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