Classified based on the shape of the inflatable tent we have cube tent , dome tent ; tunnel tent or specified shape tent .

Classified based on the application, our tents were be applied all kinds of indoor or outdoor event like party ; wedding ; camp; exhibition ; store and stadium ect. 

We have two materials for our inflatable tent pvc and oxford cloth ; pvc is more durable and strength than the oxford cloth but the oxford cloth is with lighter weight than pvc.

Our tent is with two workmanship ; one is sewing machine (not airtight ) with 0.4mm or 0.5mm or 0.55mm or oxford cloth materials which need the blower inflate continuously . Another one is by welded machine (airtight) with 0.6mmPVC or 0.9mm PVC or 1.0mm PVC which is only once inflate by the air pump . For the sewing tent we usually make the waterproof transparent pvc strip cover the sewing workmanship's pinhole protecing the rain from coming. For airtight tent you can don't worry it is 100% waterproof . If you use the inflatale tent continuously for 1-2 month you can choose the airtight tent ; but if you need the tent use several days from one place to another place you can choose the not airtight tent . 


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