Air Blowers for Inflatable Tent &Water Parks


Air Blowers for Inflatable Tent &Water Parks

Inflatable products are widely used among daily lives,such as inflatable tent,inflatable floating water parks,inflatable airbags,inflatable fun cities,inflatable bounce box etc. The reason why inflatable products are popular and well accepted is because of its convenient and efficient performance. Compared with similar products which are made of other materials,inflatable products are easy to be installed,moved and packed. It’s quite convenient for users considering those advantages above.

Regarding installation, most inflatable products will need an air blower only. To complete the installation,access to electricity, air blower are all needed. Generally,after connecting the air blower to inlet tube,inflation will be completed within 15 minutes. As for some inflatable products,air blowers need to work constantly to provide continuous air input. As a necessary part of inflatable products, air blowers play an important&essential role. To select appropriate air blowers,following tips may help.

Normally,air blowers are used to inflate inflatable products. It’s main function is inflation. While for some users,taking down takes too much time. So multiple function air blowers may be a good choice. This type of air blowers combines two major function, inflation and deflation. Transition from inflation to deflation needs a suction tube only.

Considering that most of inflatable products are used at outdoors,the air blowers shall be waterproof and fireproof. Normally a qualified air blower should be design with drainage hole at the bottom of the engine base. Also a waterproof cover should be applied over the switch. Combined with waterproof materials,drainage hole and rain cover,a high quality air blower can work well even under rainy circumstances.  As for fireproof performance, fireproof materials is a must. Also,related certificates are needed,such as UL/CUL,GS,CE etc.

In daily use,air blowers may always encounter falling down issues. So strength performance and service life should be considered before purchasing. A drop test can tell apart good or bad air blowers. After falling down from 1.5m height,if the air blower does not crack and still works well,it then pasts the test. Regarding the service life, based on industry experience,3-5 years will be an appropriate time.


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