Quality Assurance Details of Inflatable Water Slides


Quality Assurance Details of Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are quite popular with kids and young people. Given that majority of customers are little kids, safety assurance is quite an important factor when designing and producing inflatable water slides. Benefited from development of technology and production workmanship,it’s available for manufacturers to produce high quality and fantastic inflatable water slides,with large scale size. There are some rules which most of manufacturers will obey and comply with.

Normally,there will be 7 steps from inquiry to receipt of goods. Manufacturers may have different procedures,while most will follow next steps: communication&design,material cutting, high definition printing, double stitching(sewing type product)/welding(airtight type product),high frequency welding for accessories,product test and firm package. In this field,every inflatable will be tested before packing. Test includes air tightness performance,strength,printing result etc.  Besides,quality supervision is implemented throughout the production process.

Inflatable water slide includes two main parts,ladder and slide. Ladder are equipped with high quality soft and strong EVA stairs,which are safe and comfort for kids’ climbing.  As for the slide,it’s made of specialized PVC sheet,which is covered with PVDF. This type of slide is very smooth and soft. Children can have much fun on it and don’t need to worry about safety.

All around the slide,there are many parts which are used to help fix and stabilize the slide. Triangle plates and D shape buckles are widely used. With the help of plates and buckles,slides can be fixed stably easily.

As for the printing,digital printing is accepted and widely used. With the help of digital printing,it’s available to print high definition picture. What’s more,UV gloss oil will be added on surface after completing of printing.  As a result, printed picture will last for a quite long time without any color fading.


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