How High Quality Water Rolling Ball Produced


How High Quality Water Rolling Ball Produced?

Among many aqua parks,inflatable water rolling ball game is quite popular with visitors. Inflatable water rolling ball game grows its popularity recent years after creation of inflatable water rolling ball. Rolling balls are with good looking and attractive for both young kids and adults. What’s more,this game requires power,energy and athletic ability. These factors make people try to challenge themselves and enjoy happiness from it. At the same time,players may get hurt or injured with inappropriate moves. So high quality inflatable water rolling balls is a must for safety. Followed are some details regarding the production which reveals how to carry out quality control process.

Generally, inflatable water rolling balls have a service life of 3-5 years. During these 3-5 years,it works well without quality problems. This is because that most inflatable water rolling balls are using high quality PVC materials. Environmental PVC or TPU is widely applied in inflatable products field. PVC is a perfect choice for inflatable products due to its good performance regarding strength,waterproof,fireproof and U/V protective performance. Also it’s lead free which is safe for children. Because of these factors,inflatable water rolling balls can be used for a long service life.

Safety issue is a crucial point which manufacturers pay much attention on. Several methods are used to enhance safety. For example,safety door is equipped on every ball. Normally there are 3 reinforced parts on the entrance of door,which make the door much stronger. With protection of safety door,players don’t need to worry about falling out of the ball.

Also,reinforced parts are vital to whole ball. There are some parts which bear more pressure during use. So it’s necessary to add reinforced elements on those parts. Based on years of rich experience, skilful workers know where those parts are and know how to put reinforcements. After reinforced, the inflatable water rolling ball can have an intensive structure and longer service life then.

Emergency exit is a must for safety. Almost every inflatable water rolling ball has a system of inflation and deflation. A good system can get the ball inflated soon and keep the ball with balanced pressure. The most important function of the system is emergency exit. In case of failure of deflation or other emergent situations, air lock system will prevent air leakage and keep the ball upright for a long time. This period of time is long enough for player to get out safely.

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