How to take down the tent after use the inflatable Tent


How to take down the tent after use the inflatable Tent

1、After use the products, clean up the inside dirt, no special inspection of sharp objects, keys, all the staff from the phenomenon, if the product is wet, you need to choose a sunny environment to set it  up ,  dry in the sun to protect the product durability

2、place  nails, sandbags, water bag, rope  on the other side

3、Turn off the blower , waiting for the product row of air, expand, flatten

4、According to product width, select the product long side of the fold, and then select the long side fold; or pull into the 1/3

5、Two rolling, folded into, in order to ensure that two flush, the product can be arranged in a product barefoot step, emptying the air inside the product

6、After rolling, tied with a good rope, bagging, to nails, sandbags, water bag, rope type of accessories packaged together until the next use

7、For large overweight products, please place the tray, easy to disassemble the car handling

If you do not understand  please go to the    download and installation methods and video operations

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