What Is Inflatable Tent


             With the continuous development of related technologies, the conventional inflatable tents have also undergone relatively large improvements. At present, the most common one is a portable inflatable tent, which is convenient for carrying out and can better build and maintain the overall operation.

             The inflatable tent is composed of three parts:  an inflatable air column, an inflatable expansion body, and an inflatable connection portion. The main feature of the inflatable tent is that it is convenient to build and easy to carry. In addition, all of its components are in an integrated configuration with very high precision and precision. No welding required.

Of course the inflatable tent wil have different shaped according to the different area , such as the dome tent , v shape tent , cube tent ,irregularly shaped.....

           I believe that as time goes by, the related technology will be continuously improved. At that time, the function of the inflatable tent will be further improved! The various uses of the inflatable tent are explained in detail.

         1, inflatable tents will be used in fire rescue. In the fire rescue, the fire burned our homes ruthlessly, when our fire officers and soldiers will transfer the people to the demolition tents, so that they have a home that can be safely.

         2, the inflatable tent will be used in the wedding banquet. In today's life, most people like to complete their wedding banquet in the wedding tent, which is both romantic and save money.

        3, inflatable tents will be used as a house .Like the Russia due to the winter is cold and long ,they can't work outdoors so it can build up a portable inflatable tent which people can work inside .

         Of course, the use of inflatable tents is certainly more than that. Inflatable tents have many uses in our lives, such as for exhibition ; party ; warehouse ; gymnasium ......

          Construction inflatable tents for construction work, military inflatable tents for military camping, medical inflatable tents used in field hospitals, outdoor inflatable accounts for temporary clubs and entertainment venues.

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