There are three main categories of inflatable air bag 

     One is inflatable stunt airbag made by top sheet , air pillars ; slide flag and the bottom chamber. Today the inflatable stunt airbag is instead of the foam of the foam pit in the trampoline park so we also call it foam pit air bag or  trampoline park air bag.

     Second one is Inflatable Revolution air bag made by 0.3m hight safty border, top sheet, air chamber and the bottom chanmber. It is usually for the snowboarding, skiing, BMX, MTB, Free fall and can cover virtually any landing surface, ramp, hill or contour.

     The thrid one is Inflatable Freestyle air bag made by top sheet, slide flag, air chamber, bottom chamber. It is the most softest compare with the first one and the second one. The main application for snowboarding, skiing, BMX, MTB, Free land and trampoline park.

     Any measurement, design, logo, color for the inflatable air bag can be customiezd.

     You can find out which option is best for you.


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