Useful Tips when Choosing An Inflatable Water Park


Inflatable water park,also known as aqua park,is quite popular among young people. In summer days,people prefer to enjoy the happiness on inflatable water parks. As it’s well accepted by ordinary people,many businessmen choose to invest on this project. Considering its expertise,it’s a little hard to find perfect products which those businessmen are looking for. Following introduction to inflatable water parks helps you learn more about it soon.

1. The size or scale. Generally,an inflatable water park is quite larger than other types of inflatable products. Its size or scale can range from 10*10m to over 100m*100m.

2. What does an inflatable water park make up of? An inflatable contains a lot of connected units. The popular units are slide tower,balance ladder,trampoline,tower swing,jumping pillow etc. The combination of inflatable water park is customized. Customers can assembly as per his(her) own design under the professional guidance of manufacturer. Also,customer can bring up their creative ideas,then the manufacturer can design according to those ideas.

3. Using areas. It may come into your mind that an inflatable park will be used on waters only. Actually it can be used on sea,lake,pool water and land too. If it’ll be used on sea waters,a few factors should be considered in advance,such as the water depth,the wave height etc.

4. Capacity. Since there are different combinations of water parks,the capacity may vary from a few persons to over 1,000 persons. There is a formula help estimate the capacity: capacity=total square(by m2)*0.06/0.08 . The 0.08 applies to small ones,while the 0.06 applies to large&giant ones. For example,the size of an inflatable water park is 35*24m,the estimated capacity is: 35*24*0.08=67. This is a rough estimate only. Accurate capacity should be calculated according to specific combination and units.

5. Service life. In a general way, an inflatable water park perform well continuously for 3-5 years .


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