Introduction of Inflatable Water Rolling & Walking Ball


Introduction of Inflatable Water Rolling & Walking Ball

Water games&sports are very popular all around the world. There are team sports and individual sports. Among which inflatable water rolling&walking ball is a quite popular item loved by kids and young people. Inflatable water rolling balls are made by environmental materials,which are safe for kids. It’s easy to be handled. While at the same time,it requires players’ body balance and physical coordination ability. This game combines motility and enjoyment ,which can attract plenty of spectators.

There are two types of rolling ball, column and globe ball. Inflatable water rolling column can sustain 2-3 persons at a time,which is suitable for family members or friends. Inflatable water rolling globe ball is normally for 1-2 persons, while individual player is commonly seen.

Generally inflatable water rolling balls are made of reinforced and environmental materials,TPU or PVC,which is non-toxic and unscented. Since these balls will be floating on waters for long time, the materials are resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation. This ensure inflatable water rolling balls long life span.

Among some old inflatable water rolling balls,rollover accidents may happen because of unscientific structural design. Nowadays,based on development of technology and rich experience,updated inflatable water rolling balls are designed with triple air chambers. By using this design,the ball will not roll over when multiple players entering the ball at the same time. What’s more, the ball will not sink when one of the chambers encounter air leakage or other faults. Benefit from triple air chambers design, an inflatable water rolling ball can sustain up to 400 kg weight. This will improve safety a lot.

When playing in the water rolling ball,there is an important tip that every player should know about. Oxygen is less inside the ball than outside,while player needs much more oxygen during exercise. So it’s suggested that each playing time shall not exceed 15 minutes. After 15 minutes,player shall take a few minutes break. Also,number of players shall be limited up to 3.


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