outdoor inflatable tent for party or advertising


Tents as essentials of outdoor travel, hiking, above the structure
should not be very complex, easy to carry, installation.Below to
introduce the main structure of outdoor tent.
Tent body:
Pillars: also
known as pillars, erected vertically on the floor.A straight one or
two, three connections of various types.Some pillar of the bend tube,
need to connect to the wire.
Border: type warhead tents or cottage
tent, with short bar shape materials synthesis pillar or beams.
The top
part of the building: the tent.
Roof: form the parts of tent inclined
Wall part of the side wall: tent.Some tents don’t have.
DangYuPeng: part of the roof, to open in front, with other pillar.
door: for the tent of inward and outward.The window can be set in the
other side.Ground mat: for tents, spread on the floor mat.If it’s
humid place, also need to spread a layer of bamboo.
Fly pad: on the
roof of the tent, and the other laid mat, under the strong
sunlight.Namely, the second floor roof
The main line, also known as the
column on the rope.By separated on both ends of the pillars, pillar
role to avoid tilt, and nail.
Angle line: extension from corners of
tent curtain, and nail.
Waist line: by the roof tent curtain outward
extension, and nail.
Nails: into the ground, with a fixed ropes and
tent curtain tassel.There are wooden.Metal and synthetic resin
Wooden hammer or a hammer: the nail when hitting the
ground.With wood or metal HuoKou, attached to the main rope or Angle
of the rope parts.Rope through them two holes, the mobile control
Bag: pillar, nails, curtain and wooden hammer to receive good
cloth pouch.

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