How to Choose the Right Inflatable Floating Water Park?


Involvement in fun water toy activities is the loveliest experience that is popular among children and adults alike. This is an enjoyable pastime where you can kickback on the lake or enjoy some activities like sliding down water slides. Adults may prefer lakes a little more, but children widely adore water amusement parks.

However, innovation has also come to revolutionize the water parks' entertainment.
Inflatable floating water parks are innovative structures that combine watersports, and lake enjoyment all in a single place. Inflatable water parks are widely popular these days all over the world. They offer more fun than kiteboarding lessons! This article will get you to explore the inflatable floating water parks from what they are to, their history, buying guides, where to buy, and more.

What is an Inflatable Floating Water Park? 

Water-based entertainment has been around for centuries. References of swimming are found in ancient cultures worldwide. It wasn’t until 1923 that aquatic recreation saw a revolution in the world. It was the time when the very first water slide was introduced in Faribault, Minnesota. Since then, countless inventions and innovations have been introduced.

Among several aquatic recreation innovations, inflatable floating water parks are one of the newest and most popular. An inflatable water park often includes an inflatable water slide, a water park, and a bouncy castle that offers excitement far more than conventional pool toys and floaties.

They are transforming the water-based entertainment that may even look to be transforming the very water itself. Inflatable water parks are extremely easy to assemble and reassemble to create custom layouts. They also include several attachable accessories like basketball hoops, trampolines, and swings. Children especially often love inflatable water parks because they add extra flavor to an exciting afternoon and fun-filled day.

The History of Water Toys

Swimming has been a part of water-based entertainment for centuries. If we look into the history of water toys, this will get you to:

● The furniture maker Herbert Sellner created the first waterslide in the United States in Faribault, Minnesota in 1923. This was the beginning of the revolution of water amusement.

● By the late 1940s, more pools started adding slides. Some larger slides were even installed in public pools.

● George Millay famously founded Sea World and introduced lots of water slide ideas in the 1960s and 1970s.

● The first wave pool opening in Alabama went on to lure crowds of audiences who wanted to experience the water without getting fully submerged.

● At this time in Orlando, Florida already had lots of amusement locations. George Millay created the very first water park in Florida in 1977. This park was closed in 2016, but it became the model for most water parks across the US, Europe, South America, and Asia.

● Since the 1970s, water parks have seen lots of expansions in the form of slides, rides, pools, or other features.

Today, there are more than 1000 water parks alone in the US. Every year new innovations continue to add more to expansions of water parks; inflatable water parks are among those expansions.

Who Would Want to Buy an Inflatable Floating Water Park? 

There are several different situations when you want to buy an inflatable water park. This is an incredible investment to make yourself a healthy living. However, there are two common situations when you may want to buy an inflatable floating water park.

As an Investment

You can buy a water park and install it at some location, or rent it out for children’s birthday parties, picnics, special events, etc. Similar to how you may charge a premium on entry to a water park, you can reciprocate it with an inflatable water park! Investing in inflatable water parks is a great business investment that may take a single season to pay you off the cost of the water parks.

For Home

Inflatable water park is also an amazing investment to install at your home. If you have any type of land or even a pool, a customizable water park can be an incredible addition. You can arrange parties here.

Types of Water Parks

It is essential to understand the types of water parks for anyone trying to start a business or looking to explore ways how these water floating toys can increase your enjoyment. There are three major types of water parks:

• Standalone Water Inflatables: These are water park inflatables that include various forms such as inflatable water slides, inflatable water towers, seesaws, etc.

• Obstacle Courses: These water parks are for those who are looking to challenge their friends and families. These water toys include multiple lanes, obstacles, and climbing walls.

• Combination Units: These are the best water toys that offer next level entertainment with slides, obstacle courses, trampolines, and other water-based activities for everyone to get entertained.

If you are finding a giant inflatable water park to start a business, make sure to consider the size, capacity, material quality, safety features, and cost so you purchase the best one for your needs.

A Guide to Choose the Perfect Inflatable Water Park for Grown-ups and Children

As inflatable water parks are used by both adults and children alike, buying guides for grownups and children inflatable water parks is below.

Requirements: Clearly outline your preferences and requirements like size, features, capacity, and budget. Think about a wonderland with numerous slides and obstacles, or set up for more intimate gatherings.

Research Thoroughly: The Internet is full of experiences and products that can serve a variety of purposes. Check reviews, product specifications, and customer feedback to understand what different inflatable water parks have to offer.

Explore Alternatives: Expand your research horizon using synonyms and alternative terms to unveil a wider array of options that might align better with your preferences.

Quality and Durability: Water Park investment needs to be safe to serve you for a longer period so you recover costs and make gravy profits. For this purpose, the product needs to be constructed with quality and durable material.  So when you want to buy a water park, make sure it is made of quality and durable material. This will save you from lots of hiccups in the future.

Compliance with safety standards and regulations:  Safety is the most important part of these water toys. Fun activities need to be set in safe and secure equipment. To ensure you choose a product that serves safety, make sure manufacturers followed safety standards and regulations to prepare a product that serves safely.

How to Maintain Inflatable Floating Water Park?

Inflatable water parks are amazing water toys to take enjoyment of your pastime to the next level. However, this can stay similar for long if you keep the water park in the best shape. This will have a positive impact on the lifespan and its performance. Nevertheless, it is easier to maintain these water toys than you thought. Take these simple steps, and keep your water park in the perfect shape.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions: This is the most important part of your maintenance drive to keep the inflatable floating water park in the best form as manufacturers claim. Every water park includes a manufacturer's manual that should be on your fingerprints to take special care of your healthy investment. If you have any questions or concerns, directly contact your manufacturers.

Remove the Barnacles Regularly: Proper and regular cleanup is crucial to increase the lifespan and performance of your water park. You should try to clean it up properly every 3-4 weeks. In case of its installation in salty water, its bottom will require scraping and power washing because it can likely be invaded by barnacles. During cleanup, avoid any damage to the surface of the inflatable water park. You can do this properly by using the sweeping motion and constantly moving to avoid holes.

Store the product properly: We know these water parks are used seasonally just for summer. So after it is not in use, make sure you store it properly after proper cleanup and drying. Parks should also be deflated and stored in a cool space away from direct sunlight.

Inspect the Park regularly: The Park needs to be inspected regularly to avoid any damage. These inspections include proper inside air pressure, tears, or leaks to maintain an inflatable water park. In case of finding any damages, use the supplier's matching repair kit to repair quickly to avoid any expansion in the damages.

Ensure Proper Inflation and Deflation: Every water park comes with the supplier's instructions that need to be followed to inflate and deflate the park. Over-inflation can lead to severe damage to the perk, while under-inflation and over-inflation can have a significantly negative impact on the age of the park.

Use the product within the weight limit: There is a set weight limit for almost all water parks that need to be met. Make sure you use it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Best Place to Purchase Inflatable Floating Water Park

Purchasing a giant inflatable water park means it should ensure the best quality and value for your money. For results that exceed your expectations, choose Joy Inflatable for innovative, high-quality giant inflatable water parks. We use durable, eco-friendly materials and have various safety features and accessories to provide services beyond your expectations. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs, you will get the freedom to find the perfect park for your needs. Visit our website now to select the best water park and start planning your summer fun today!

Final Thoughts 

Inflatable floating water park is an incredible idea for a business or to install at home for your kids and arrange parties. It is a perfect choice to make your summer season amazing with a customizable water toy. Now you know in detail about the history and who would want to install an inflatable water park. However, purchasing a giant inflatable water park requires careful consideration of several factors, and the above buying guide will help you reach an informed decision. Joy Inflatable will further help you to find the best water park you are looking for! 

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