MTB Airbags for Extreme Sports

MTB Airbags, also known as mountain bike airbags, are the revolutionary safety devices designed to elevate the experience of mountain biking enthusiasts. MTB inflatable air bag is a protect pad for MTB and BMX riders and it providers a safe landing surface for advanced/ professional /primary riders or any rider that feels comfortable hitting to train their skills and push their limits with reduced fear of injury.

How MTB Airbags Work?

How MTB Airbags Work?

Nowadays many athletes use the MTB Airbag , it is a perfect tool for learning tricks and protects riders from injury. The MTB Airbag is different from others because it is more prominent in design and structure.


Inflatable stunt airbag is normally a cushion mainly combined with two air chambers, upper chamber and bottom chamber.


When the player falls down on the airbag, impact is absorbed through air releasing. When hit by player, internal air will be released through several air valves around the upper chamber. At the same time, the bottom chamber helps absorb impact. After air releasing,air blower starts to work and supplement the losing air.


With well-designed air-balancing system, the internal air pressure of airbag is adjusted all the time to make sure safe and comfort air pressure. Compared with upper chamber, bottom chamber has another important role. Under some extreme circumstances, bottom chamber can protect player when upper chamber encounter any faults. To some degree, the bottom chamber is a backup safety guard.


Generally, inflatable airbags are made of reinforced PVC or PVDFr materials, which is light and strong. Since airbags are mostly used outdoors, waterproof and tear proof performance are necessary and must required. By using light materials, inflatable airbags are easy to set up,take down,pack up and transport. By using electric blowers, an inflatable airbag can be inflated&deflated within a few minutes. Given the fast pace of modern people, several minutes is quite good performance.

Application of MTB Airbags

MTB airbags are mainly used as protective land for skiing, snowboarding, MTB (Mountain bike), BMX (Bicycle motocross) and FMX ( Freestyle motocross) etc. Besides protective land, inflatable airbag can be used as a giant advertising board.


Normally inflatable airbags are huge, such as 8m*8m(26ft*26ft). At the same time, inflatable stunt airbags are full customized products, such as color, logo printing etc. By applying replaceable top sheet and side sheets, entrepreneurs are able to perform marketing and brand promoting to the hilt. In a word, inflatable stunt airbag is perfect combination of sports equipment and marketing board.

Application of MTB Airbags
MTB airbags for mountain bike sports
Types of MTB airbags

Types of MTB Airbags

There are mainly two types of MTB airbags, inflatable landing ramp and inflatable flat airbag.


• Inflatable Landing Ramp:

Generally, inflatable landing ramp is more widely used among riders. It’s appropriate for both beginners and pro riders. For beginners we usually make the standard size 7 meter long (L23.0 feet); 4 meter width(W13.1 feet) and 1.8 feet high (H5.9 feet) and the gradient is about 23 degree. All MTB airbags have air vents net hole located on the sides of the airbag to adjust air pressure so you can make it as soft or hard as you like.This is the ideal set up for riders to send it safer and progress faster. Our ramped MTB airbag is designed for all riders who feel comfortable hitting bigger ramps between 1.5-1.8 meter (5-6 ft ) height as well as the perfect airbag for a show team looking for a fast set up and something that takes up minimal space for travel.


• Inflatable Flat Airbag:

While if you are tired of regular tricks, and you want to try high level moves. If you want to take your skills to the next level, you need to be able to push the limits repeatably and safely, the flat airbags will be a better choice. This was built to be that perfect box jump landing that you love at the local skatepark and is suitable for Intermediate. The standard size of flat MTB air bag is 6 meter by 6 meter and high is about 2 meter ( in feet is (L20 x W20 x H6 feet) but of course any size can be customized. Advanced or pro riders as you can make the perfect take off that suits your needs. The flat MTB AirBag is the perfect solution to explore new tricks while ensuring maximum safety.

Maintenance Tips of MTB Airbags

Inflatable stunt air bags are commonly used at X-sports. With its good protective performance, it helps ensure players’ safety a lot. While sometimes, the inflatable air bags may get damaged due to misuse or accidents. It’s important to follow correct instructions of repairing and maintenance from manufacturers. As for maintenance, there are two types, daily maintenance and troubleshooting. Following tips help perform maintenance work correctly and accordingly. 

◆ Daily Maintenance

As for daily maintenance, it’s important to make sure the air bag shall not be overloaded or scratched. Although inflatable air bags are designed with air balance scheme, too many people on the air bag at the same time is prohibited. It will exceed the pressure the air bag can sustain and affect the normal function&service life. Also scratch is harmful to air bags.
      - Inflatable air bags are made of high strength PVC materials, which is strong enough. While it’s still important to get it away from sharp&hard things. Cause once air bags get broken, it can not perform its protective function;

      - During use, it’s a must to check the internal air pressure. If the surface of air bag is too soft, then it’s needed to check whether there is air leakage, breakage or fault with air blower; If the surface is too hard, then a few air valves should be opened or inlet tube should be tied up a little bit.

◆ When air bag is broke or encountering other faults, please follow tips below.

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