The inflatable Landing ramp airbag available for Bike parks


The Landing airbag available for Bike parks, Snow parks, FMX Tracks and Skate parks is a unique Inflatable airbag product that covers an entire landing to cushion your fall and at the same time also being able to ride away your trick if you land it. Try this landing pad and you will never go back to a traditional Foam pit . It feels like landing on a cloud or as some riders say: "Like a fresh powder landing". All the biker love to practice on this brand new innovation inflatable air bag with ramp which allows freestylers to progress in the safest way possible. Can you see the advantage of a landing pad such as this slope inflatable landing air bag. It's a big advantage for Ski resorts being able to offer this freestyle training tool for Ski and Snowboard in the winter as well as for BMX and Mountain bike Freestyle in the summer. All year round use for Ski, Snowboard, BMX, Mountain bike, Scooter, Skateboard and much more.



Our Inflatable landing ramp air bag is with high quality materials and production methods that meets requirements in European standard EN 14960. All stress point must be reinforced to account for motorcycle and bike landings. Additional removable blanket to cover the top platform and the central wall prevent ripping. Zip pocket to let the air out. Flap up to let the air out quickly. Flap down to keep the air inside for layers to have enough time to escape it in case there is an electricity cut .Anchor points , strong triangle made with pvc tarpaulin , webbing , metal D anchor , with stand force over 1600 N .

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