How long to inflate the tent


A: The test result it will take 6 mins to inflatable the cube tent 6X6M

1:To find  space , long , wide and high enough to place the tent on the ground .

2. Clean up the site, not allow have sharp objects and high-voltage wires to keep safety .

3. It would be much better if put a cushion under it such as carpets, plastic color cloth protect the tent from sundries .

4. Spread out and flatten the tent on the ground .

5. Connect the air inlet of inflatable tent and the outlet of blower tightly, and then tight alternative air inlet with a rope.

6. The tent is 6X6X4M with oxford cloth we have tested it  will take 6  mins to build it up on the ground . 

   7. If there is a wind, fill the sandbag and tie it to D-rings on the bottom of the tent or tie the Stakes to D-rings on the bottom and insert the stakes in the soil . 

   C. Attentions: 

     1. When the tent can't  stand up by itself you need help it stand up .  

 2.In the event of strong wind (6 or more winds),heavy rainy, snowy, fogy, inflatable tent and blower are prohibited to use outdoor.

    3. If the inflatable tent's pressure is too soft, check there if there are too many leaks and torn holes, or power failure. If pressure is too strong, please cover air inlet of blower with cloth or paperboard .

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