Whale Island Park let you “amazing” whole city, easy to make money


By the end of 2016, the holidays have been crossed less, you have missed the opportunity to make money? 2017 is comming , why not clutching the opportunity, make a profit?
Without recreation facility?Don’t rush, Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited . as China’s large inflatable amusement equipment industry leader in the latest launch of a sensation throughout the circle of friends of the amusement project – Whale Island Paradise absolutely make you eat a “surprise”!

Such as real business up when you will make “amazing” whole city, why worry about no popularity? Why worry about gain money as not easy ?

What is the Whale Island Paradise?
Intuitive is that the appearance is a 40M long, 25M wide inflatable blue whale, so a monster stands there, is not very spectacular, very attractive? Whale as an animal in the ocean, full of mystery, for living in the city we have seen whales there are several? So whale island park only from outside will attract more people come to play!

The whale island paradise can not only have a gorgeous appearance, but also has a heart which is as same as all the rivers run into the sea. Which installed 1000000 ocean ball, the ocean ball can be filled with 5 buses, the school’s playground . Trampolines, slides, canoeing, bumper balls, drums, small yellow ducks and other small inflatable toys are also inside the whale belly Oh, coupled with the changing lanterns inside the layout of the entire playground more fun atmosphere! Play, play with friends, play with friends … … here, regardless of age, regardless of gender, Whale Island Paradise is absolutely satisfied with each play and go!

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