How High Quality Inflatable Products Are Created


How High Quality Inflatable Products Are Created

Nowadays,people prefer to hold kinds of events at different places. Under many cases,large&giant equipment are needed. Generally,lager equipment are quite heavy and hard to move. As the technology develops, inflatable products were created,such as inflatable tents,water park(aqua park),stunt air bag etc. Inflatable products are well accepted by people soon. Because they are light-weighted,easy to be installed and deflated and quite convenient to be moved from once place to another place. At the same time,inflatable products are high quality which can be used continuously for several seasons. Following factors reveals why inflatable products can be kept with high quality level.

Quality control starts from the very beginning, materials selection. Normally,manufacturers prefer to choose environmental PVC or oxford cloth. This two kinds of materials are perfect for inflatable products. They are non-toxic,by which people can enjoy happiness without worrying about safety problems. And they have good performance in waterproof,fireproof and strength tests. At the same time,they are quite soft which gives users comfortable feeling during use.

Production machines are important to products’ quality. There are several machines are commonly used and necessary,such as auto-cutting machine,HD printing machine,high frequency welding,high temperature welding machine,stitching machine etc. These machines are created by high-tech manufacturers and suitable for inflatable products.

Combined with advanced machines,fine workmanship helps ensure high quality products. Two main types of technologies are applied, welding and sewing. Popular methods of quality control during production are double stitching,triple stitching,extra webbing reinforced strips etc. And there are various standards of each process,such as sewing,high temperature welding,high frequency welding and assembly.

After production, finished product test is 100% carried out. Following aspects are main factors tested,firmness test against handle&anchor ring,airtight performance,printing effect,assembly effect etc. Any product failed the test will be reworked under strict supervision.

Based on strict quality control system mentioned above,high quality inflatable products are made.

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