What do you need to prepare if you want open a park on the sea


Normally , the main points that you need prepare is to find a proper water area ( swimming pool , lake and sea are fine ) and apply for the  permission form your authorities .For licenses ,different countries or event cities have different regulation, you should to check with local authorities department .


After you got the permission please tell me all these details information of the inflatable water park.

1.How many people do you expect to accommodate at the same time ? i mean the capacity .And what is the water area do you have ? It will depend the size and the design of the inflatable water park .


2. What is your depth of the water ? It will decide the height of the element . Here is the formula how to calculate the minimum water depth required Height of the element + average height of a person 1.8 meter divided by two . For example , the inflatable water slide tower is 3 meter high and then the minimum water depth required is (1.8+3)/2=2.4 meter .


3. Will you install the sea or the lake ? Our inflatable water park are designed for the both calm water and sea condition (salt or fresh water) .Our double connection systems make the inflatable water park very stable can resist the 55mph storms . And our 0.9mm pvc materials tarpaulin is anti UV and it can withstand -20 to + 60 degree .

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