Portable Movie Theater- Inflatable Planetarium Dome Tent


Portable Movie Theater- Inflatable Planetarium Dome Tent

Movie theaters,can be seen everywhere all around the world. As time moves on,modern people love to spend hours in movie theaters for all kinds of fantastic movies. For many movie fans,it’s necessary to pay a visit to movie theater when a new movie is available at cinemas.

Since movies are available on TVs too, while people still love to go to movie theaters? Maybe the excellent acoustic and visual effects are main reasons,especially when watching action films. Literally, stunt moves and trick effects can only be displayed perfectly in cinemas, rather than TVs.

As technology and manufacturing techniques develops, now people can have their own movie theaters with economic&affordable cost. Inflatable planetarium dome tent, the mobile&portable movie theater&cinema. It’s newly created recent years. Since its appearance,it grows popularity soon and being well accepted by both movie fans and investors.

Generally,an inflatable planetarium is made of light&strong PVC materials,which is waterproof and fireproof. Dome shape is widely applied. It’s normally made up of 3 parts,dome itself,sealing door and projector. The internal round surface of dome tent can be used as projection screen,sealing door can prevent light coming in. The projector can be placed in reserved hole. This kind of tents are mainly used for two purposes, mobile cinemas or portable planetarium for education. If used as mobile cinema, acoustic systems will be needed too.

Inflatable planetarium dome tent needs to be inflated by electric air blower before and during use. Installation is quite easy. Place the tent on clean and flat ground, then stretch and flat the tent. If possible,it’s advised to place a fabric sheet beneath the tent. Then connect the air blower and tent air inlet,start the blower switch to inflate. Generally, inflation will be finished within 10-15 minutes.

After use,turn off the switch and cut off power,deflation will be completed within 15-20 minutes. If some air remains,squeeze the tent tightly and pack it with rope. Due to light materials,package of tent will be light weighted and small, which is convenient for transport.

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