inflatable buildings and structures


We are one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable buildings and structures, including Modular Portable Temporary Inflatable Structures/Shelters /Tents.
Whether it be Inflatable Temporary Buildings, Portable Buildings, Permanent Stadiums, Environmental Protection Shelters, Emergency Shelters for Disaster Relief, Air Domes, Storage, Warehousing, we can accommodate your needs.
Modular Buildings can be used alongside decontamination equipment as changing areas, rescue equipment, emergency shelters, urban rescue, inflatable decontamination units, and for personal protection, in the UK and worldwide.
Our inflatable temporary buildings look good, need no foundations, and can be erected in any weather on any terrain. They can be linked together to form larger structures ideal for temporary shelters, tents, helicopter hangers, field hospitals, sports halls, field headquarters, security applications for protecting evidence or remote vehicle or personnel searches – the list goes on.

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