Brief Analysis of Two Types of Inflatable Tents


Brief Analysis of Two Types of Inflatable Tents
Tents are widely seen everywhere. It’s commonly accepted that tents are somehow another form of houses. To some people,it can be temporary home sometimes.
Speaking of its essence,or main function, it’s a shelter. Nowadays,after thousands of years of improvement and development, many kinds of tents come out and get accepted by different groups of users. Various tents are used by campers,advertisers,merchants etc. As tents grow popular with people,questions and doubts follows. For example,people always wonder which type of tents is best ,and how to choose from so many choices? The introduction below may offer you some new ideas.
Inflatable tents are newly created products. Compared with traditional tents, they are lightweight,economic and flexible. These are also the reasons why many people prefer inflatable tents. Based on workmanship,there are mainly two types of inflatable tents, the sewing ones as same as this tent and the welding (airtight) ones as same as this tent   
This two types of tents have many factors in common. Generally,inflatable tents are made of reinforced environmental PVC or oxford cloth. PVC is a kind of durable materials which can sustain fire,water,wind and low temperature. While the oxford cloth is lighter than PVC. Both of this two types need to be inflated by blower(or air pump).
There are also several differences between them. Firstly,they are using different materials. Normally the sewing tents are using PVC(0.4/0.5/0.55mm thickness) or oxford cloth,while the welding ones are mainly using PVC(0.6/0.9/1.0mm thickness) tent-for-event. Secondly,they have different waterproof performance . Due to different workmanship, welding tent is 100% waterproof,while waterproof transparent PVC strips are needed to cover sewing tents’ connecting parts. The biggest difference between them is the ways they work. The welding tents are airtight,which means it can keep operating for several months once inflated at the very beginning. As for the sewing one, it needs to be inflated continuously in use.
Given the above,sewing type of inflatable tents are suggested when it needs to moved frequently or it’s each service time is 1-2 days only. If the tent needs to be used continuously for 1-2 months,than welding(airtight) tent is recommended.
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