Our super cool outdoor wedding


Our super cool outdoor wedding

Hi, we're a newlywed from New Jersey and we just finished our wedding half a month ago.

Statistics show that an average of 2.1 million couples get married each year in the United States. They spent an average of $33,000. We were initially surprised by the data. And feel as long as love, why the need to spend so much money, such a big battle.

But when we started preparing for our wedding with joy, we realized it wasn't that simple. Everything costs money, there are expenses everywhere, and my head is so big that I don't know how expensive it is to rent a house or a shed for entertaining. Our house is not built to entertain so many friends and relatives. 

We only need this site for two or three days, why do we pay a tenth or more just to use it once. Later, we inadvertently found the inflatable portable tent for big event, after many comparisons, after hesitation we bought it. It's a good thing.

At first, we worry about whether there will be quality problems or time-based problems in online shopping. We also worry about if there will be wear and tear, rock puncture, air leakage or other unexpected situations during the use.

Which is easier to build a tent or rent a house? The answer is indisputable.

The Inflatable Tent For Event we bought is sealed tent with 24m long ;16m widthd and 8m height with 0.6mm pvc. One piece design, only need to fill the air pump can be built, it's easy to install and take down. This inflatable tent is durable enough to last 3 to 5 years. you can customize the size, colour, logo. We customized our names and pictures, and even saved money on the publicity.

All of our airtight inflatables are made with high temperature multifunctional welding machine, which isnecessary and efficient for massive airtight inflatables, Based on our perfect design, the factory can perfectly seal all the material pieces together into any reasonable inflatables, and heat weld all of our airtight inflatableswith top quality standard with high efficience. These inflatable structures can be both small and largeand you can custom print them with your logo identity! Inflatable tents offer some tremendous advantages onlyonce inflate by the air pump and you can use it several month continuously Just give them your idea or design, and they will make it tothe real inflatable product!

It was our own experience, and we were satisfied. If you are interested, we attach a link to this tent, hoping that we can pass on our happiness to you and keep you a lot of money to travel or save, you can click here  (http://www.joyinflatable.com/inflatable-tent-for-event)to know more. 

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