Must-known of Usage and Maintenance of Inflatable Fun City&Bouncy Castle


Must-known of Usage and Maintenance of Inflatable

 Fun City&Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Fun City&Bouncy Castle are quite popular with little kids all over the world. Normally it is of large scale and has many fun recreational units,such as maze,slide, tower, obstacles etc. Due to its colorful appearance and interesting entertainment combination,it becomes best choice of weekend&holiday for kids. Meanwhile,it’s important to ensure safety since most of the players are young kids. For both operators&staff and players, following tips are important and useful to enjoy safe and happy inflatable bouncy castle journey.

For operators and staff, the most important thing and priority must be safety. Management of inflatable fun city &bouncy castle should be done as per next tips.

Ø Different countries have different regulations regarding electrical machines. Before using,specification of air blowers should be checked and confirmed to be matched with local electricity and bouncy castle.

Ø Inlet of air blower should be equipped with protective cover. So kids won’t get hurt.

Ø Supervision is needed during use. Staff should pay attention to kids and guide kids how to play correctly.

Ø It’s prohibited to use inflatable bouncy castle at rainy days.

Ø Before taking down the castle,power must be shut off.  If there is any water on it,clean and dry it before packing.

Ø Regular cleaning and disinfection are needed.

Ø For long-term storage,inflatable bouncy castle should be clean and dry before packing. And the temperature should be controlled between -30℃ and 30℃ .

For players,mainly little kids, it’s necessary to follow safety regulation and guidance. And for accompanying parents,they need to take good care of their kids.

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