Inflatable tents are used where?


1, used in the wedding banquet, many young people in the contractor outdoor wedding, they like to use inflatable tents to complete their wedding, both romantic and save money, but also unique. Tent can also provide 100 people dining, mobility, functional perfect, is the first choice for outdoor wedding.

2, in the outbound tourism in the use of travel, will inevitably sleep in the wild, to ensure our personal safety, camping inflatable tents to become an indispensable outdoor travel equipment, high tensile strength, air tightness is good , Light weight, easy to carry, while meeting the comfort and practical needs of the two.

3, in the use of exhibitions for use in shopping malls outdoor building, exhibition a wide range of products, so that the exhibition has a compelling fashion elements and space.

4, in the use of medical assistance in the rescue of the first scene, quickly build temporary relief sites and hospitals, emergency response to the injured, the implementation of rescue and rescue, the first time to appease the injured soul.

5, in the use of fire fighting and rescue In the fire rescue, the fire mercilessly burned our homes, then our fire officers and soldiers will lose their friends transferred to the inflatable tent, so that they have a temporary shelter home.

6, military exercises in the use of military exercises in the military command operations, military camping, shielding tent camping in the wild, have used inflatable tents as the main camp. The people’s livelihood in the military style of military-style inflatable tents are based on the actual needs of military operations design.

In addition to the above, inflatable tents in our lives there are many uses, such as: relief flood relief used by the inflatable tents, construction field with the construction of inflatable tents, field hospital medical rescue combination of tents, as a temporary club, entertainment venues Of the outdoor inflatable tents, and people need to build a variety of temporary places.

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