Workmanship Details of Inflatable Water Slides


Workmanship Details of Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are commonly seen among aqua parks. Also it is quite poplar with kids. Normally a giant inflatable water slide can be used over 3 years with good performance. Since its players are mainly young kids,high quality is a must. To ensure high quality and safety,manufacturers take quite a lot efforts to produce good quality and strong water slides. Following details reveal the process of production and quality control.

First of all,there are several standard production procedures which make sure every step gets controlled. In most cases,there are 7 steps throughout the production: design,CNC cutting,HD digital printing, machine seaming ,high frequency welding, quality testing and packing. With standard procedures,manufacturers can monitor every producing details and make sure high quality.

Among these 7 steps,there are still some details which are useful and helpful for quality control. For example, high strength polyester bonded thread is applied during seaming process. Compared with other normal sewing thread, it has better performance regarding tension force,wear-resisting,shrinkage rate, elasticity ,flatness etc. Combined with advanced machine and skillful worker, products can be sewed perfectly. What’s more,double stitching is applied on internal&external sides. Quadruple and sextuple stitching are applied on connecting parts and force beaing points.  Appropriate stitch length and pinhole are quite important to product quality. Based on years of experience, 4-5 stitch each inch with #23 needle is a perfect choice for inflatable water slides,by which can ensure enough strength and airtightness.

As for the materials, environmental PVC is used. There are three layers of PVC sheet, up,middle and bottom. The up layer is reinforced double PVC which is wearproof and waterproof. The middle layer is polyester fiber net which is of strong strength . The bottom layer is also reinforced double PVC which has good performance of compressive resistance. Generally, providers of PVC materials are required to offer physical properties test report for their products. Materials passed the test can only be used.

Inflatable water slides are all needed to be inflated before use. Blowers or air pumps’ performance affects the using experience. To make sure safety and comfort, all blowers&air pumps are qualified with various certificates,such as IOS,CE,EN etc. Besides,given that different countries have different specifications of blowers,manufacturers always needs to confirm with costumers and match their requirements.


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