White inflatable outdoor party tent for wedding event


Are you finding inflatable white tent for wedding? Here we have a white tent with new design.Look at the outdoor tent, yes, it is just suitable for wedding and party event, and also sports hall.
From the  picture, it is a large white inflatable tent for wedding or other event. It is designed with slide roof so that water can not stay. It is make with PVC taps which is waterproof. And it can also be designed as your request to add windows on to the walls.

Right now, many person use the large white tent to make money by hiring the tent for different occasions. It is really a very popular event tent because it is not only whatproof but also air tight and portable. All the advantages together make the inflatable tent widely use.

And we also have camping tent, beach tent, clear dome tent, projector dome and other inflatable tent for event, if you are interested in them, You are welcome any time.

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