How To Install A Inflatable Revolution Air Bag & Usage Tips


        Nowadays, people love to experience new things& challenge themselves. The inflatable revolution air bag is a good choice. Falling down from a higher place , then jumping on airbag with excitement & thrill . What a wonderful experience! While there is excitement, danger may occur at the same time without correct installation or usage. Following are some guidance&tips for proper installation and usage.

Inflatable Revolution Air Bag :

Safty border:  we usually make 30-50cm depend on the size of the airbag and the customer requirement                                                                                   

Hight top sheet :  is 0.9mm pvc tarpaulin and the other parts is 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin  ,the color and the logo are all customized , the logo usually print on the top sheet .                                                                                                    

Air chamber : good softness to absorb the impact of falling                              

Bottom Chamber : Separate top chamber with the ground ;protect air bag and prevent people from touching ground

Air outlet : Adjust the inside air of the air bag make the bag more softer or more firmer .

1.First thing first, what should you prepare for installing a inflatable air bag?  Here is a list for reference.

1)Clear space. Make sure there is no sharp things on the ground or any high-tension lines above. 

2)Large fabric,tarpaulin or something alike. This piece of fabric helps air bag avoid from getting damaged through fiction . Area of the fabric should be larger than the inflated air bag. 

3)Access to electricity,a blower, a piece of rope etc.

4)Sunny or cloudy day. Do not install on a rainy day.

2.After finishing the preparation work , now we can start the installation.

1)Place and stretch the protective fabric. Then put the inflatable revolution air bag on it.  Expand the air bag and make it flat enough,which makes the inflation goes smoothly.  

2)Find the inflation inlet. There are four inlets,two are on the left side,the other two are  on the rear side. Each side is access to inflate.

3)Connect the blower to the inlet pipe.  Use the rope to fasten the pipe.  Here follows the picture representation.

4)After inflation, insert the inlet pipe into inlet hole. Then cover it with hook and loop fastener.Please refer to the following picture. 


1)There are four air outlets.  By closing&opening inlets and outlets, you can adjust the softness of the cushion. 

2)Please notice that the number of inlets& outlets should be of direct proportion!

4.Sample testing result.

1)Test Object:Michelle , female, 152CM, 41kg.

2)Landing height: 8 Meters.

3)The cushion is soft enough when one outlet is opened by 1/3. Two outlets open automatically due to pressure when Michelle is landing on the cushion.

5.Tips for using.

1)The outlets may open automatically due to pressure. If this happens, please close the outlets. Then the landing act can be performed. This is very important.

2)Landing post. Please do not land with your head&feet touching the cushion first. This might hurt yourself. It’s recommended to land with your chest,buns or waist.

Hope all these above helps.  Enjoy your inflatable revolution air bag journey.

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