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What is an inflatable tent?

Inflatable tent is a kind of tents, structural mechanics using the principle of design framework (generally reflected in the shape of the house), the use of gas pressure characteristics of the balloon (inflatable column) expansion (inflatable column inflated) to form a rigid cylinder, After the organic combination (heat) prop up the skeleton of tent (inflatable column).
The quality and stability of inflatable tents are determined by the strength of the material (inflatable air column material), and the quality of inflatable tents can be determined by the quality of inflatable tents , Performance and service life.
Inflatable tents basic performance: strong wind resistance, 100% rainproof , environmental protection, all materials should be flame retardant , anti-ultraviolet, and build a simple, direct inflatable can be used, natural deflate when take down,rolled up and package, Life is more than 5 years. Use: outdoor tourism, camping, outdoor recreation, fishing, troops field temporary command, medical rescue, outdoor dining, mobile hotel, funeral, wedding party, feast banquet and other places.

Specification of Inflatable tents (length * width = square meter): 3 square meters, 5 square meters, 9 square meters, 10 square meters, 12 square meters, 15 square meters, 20 square meters, 24 square meters, 108 square meters and so on. .
So in addition to these standard size, other size can not do it?
For example: 2 * 2 = 4 square meters 3 * 7 = 21 square meters 5 * 7 = 35 square meters 6 * 10 = 60 square meters and so on! The answer is yes , of course, is theoretically the smallest inflatable tents for the 3 square meters, large inflatable tents are generally docking, such as 6 * 24 meters, we recommend that you can do two 6 * 12 m docking inflatable tents, easy to use, And packaging is also convenient.
What material of inflatable tent ?
The material of inflatable tents are: outside the PVC tarpaulin + inflatable column + base fabric composition (and others such as: gluing, zipper, rope, valves, etc.);
The standard manufacturers inflatable tent material:
Outside PVC tarpaulin – Oxford cloth, 840D PVC, 1000D PVC;
Air column – high-strength polyester filament mesh cloth, usually also known as pvc airtight cloth;
Floor cloth – pvc knife scraper. The use of different materials, the cost is not the same, the price will be different.
How many colors of inflatable tent ?

Only for reference;
Color of ourside PVC tarpaulin : camouflage, desert camouflage, digital camouflage, red, blue, green, orange, white (of course, some customers like splicing, such as red and blue stitching together, etc.);
The colors of Inflatable column: gray, red, yellow, blue, green;
The colors of the floor : red, blue, green; according to their own preferences or the environment and choose the right color .
How much of the inflatable tent ?

Each manufacturer with the material, cost, quality, after-sales ….are different so the price is also different
Some unscrupulous businesses with low-grade materials, low-quality production of inflatable tents, and then the name of “genuine” and “low price ” and so a series of brands to attract consumers to reap huge profits. Here, Guangzhou Joyinflatable Limited you, do not be deceived, and more to see, ask and compare . Inquiry, please contact Guangzhou Joyinflatable Limited .

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