Moveable Inflatable Escape Room Tent


Moveable Inflatable Escape Room Tent

Escape room,also known as TAKAGIMS, a puzzle and thrilling adventure game, grows its popularity since its creation. It requires IQ, outsight, inferential capability,courage, imagination and team work. At the same time,players can obtain excitement and achievement through it. Based on those factors above,it attracts quite a lot of fans shortly. More and more escape rooms are built and open for fans. While this game requires large space and several well-designed rooms in a certain place. To solve this problem,moveable inflatable escape room is created as a trial. Compared with traditional escape room,moveable escape room has several advantages.

Inflatable escape room tent is a type of customized products,such as size,color,shape etc. It’s mainly made of environmental pvc or oxford fabric materials. This two types of materials are both of high strength,waterproof and fireproof performance. Compared with traditional construction,it’ll be a more economic choice. So the owner can get an ideal escape room with much less cost.

The biggest advantage of inflatable escape room is mobility. After deflated,it is quite small which can be easily moved and transported by family car. Generally there are two types of inflatable escape room tent,sewing one and the airtight one. The sewing tent needs to be inflated all the time during use,while the airtight tent can be used for a few months after inflated once. Both types of tents can be inflated within a few minutes. Inflation is quite easy. Under correct guidance,any one can get the tent inflated:connecting the blower and tent,then start the blower. The electric blower will blow the tent up soon. For players, they can enjoy the happiness anytime &anywhere.

For some players,they would like to make the escape room more shinning and colorful,especially in the night. Inserted LED lights help solve this problem perfectly. There is air chamber between two layers of inflatable escape room tent,where the LED lights can be set up. The pvc&oxford fabric materials are of good transmission of light. By installing 16 colors LED lights,the moveable inflatable escape room can shine brightly and attractive at dark nights.


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