Christams Eve Party


Christmas Eve is the eve of Christmas, on the eve of this extraordinary Christmas, the moment when our Joyinflatable's employees gather together here to celebrate Christmas Eve and  Christmas! Since it is Christmas Eve, Chinese people call it "PingAn "then we definitely need to take the "PingAn" to our home because the Chinese pay more attention to customs, Apple's we call it PingGuo in Chinese  and the Safety we call it "PingAn" so the "Ping" are the same, so the Chinese people symbolize the auspicious meaning of Apple (Pingguo) and Safety(PingAn) . There is the custom of sending apples on Christmas Eve, so today we Joyinflatable will also plant the seeds of customary customs in the hearts of JoyInflatable's employee send apples on Christmas Eve, Joyinflable's Boss ,Miss Lee who ask us to bring peace and happiness. Send our Safety Apple to each of our partners and wish all our Joyinflatable's family and our customer Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

Through this Christams Eve's Party, we will create a beautiful atmosphere of unity and vitality. This is an exchange party for new and old employees. With this kind of very friendly communication method, it provides a platform for employees of all departments of the company to form a strong cohesive force, and at the same time provide a stage for new employees to show their talents.

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