The Perfect Choice for Christmas Decoration


The Perfect Choice for Christmas Decoration-

Inflatable Clear Snow Globe

End of the year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all dear you. May luck and fortune be with you always.

For most people,they’d go out with family to celebrate the coming new year during holidays. Street,shopping malls will be crowded with people. To attract customers, many shops decorate with colorful and beautiful articles,such as Christmas tree, coloured ribbon etc. These are good choices,while being kind of common. Recent years,a newly created product attracts customers easily. It is inflatable clear snow globe.

An inflatable clear snow globe is mainly used for advertising decoration or household decoration. It’s made up of three parts,transparent dome,middle decoration sheet and ground air mat. The ground air mat is used to hold the dome and sheet,also to ensure the whole globe stable. Decoration sheet is connected to dome well which can be customized and made into several types of themes,such as Christmas holiday, new years eve,super heroes , cartoon characters etc. In front of the decoration sheet,there is normally a large blank space,which can be placed with several decorative articles,like Christmas tree, Santa Clause toy etc. Generally, the globe’s height is over 2.5 m,so even an adult can get into the globe. So a real Santa Clause can get into it and surprise people.

Besides decoration,an inflatable globe can be also used as mini bouncy castle. Little kids will love to get inside and enjoy happiness by jumping&dancing inside. Since this type of globe is made of environmental PVC materials,there is no need to worry about safety problems.

Inflatable clear snow globe needs to be inflated continuously by electric air blower during use. It’s necessary to take good care of little kids when they are playing around or inside the globe. It’s advised that little kids should be accompanied by parents.

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