Guide for Airtight Tent


A: how to install the tent

1:To find  space , long , wide and high enough to place the tent on the ground .

2. Clean up the site, not allow have sharp objects and high-voltage wires to keep safety .

3. It would be much better if put a cushion under it such as carpets, plastic color cloth protect the tent from sundries .

4. Spread out and flatten the tent on the ground .

5. Connect the inlet valves of the tent with the air pump

6. When the air pump switched on, inflatable tent will be inflated about 2 hours. After finish the inflate please close the inlet valve and screw up .

7. If there is a wind, fill the sandbag and tie it to D-rings on the bottom of the tent or tie the Stakes to D-rings on the bottom and insert the stakes in the soil .


B. Installation of air pump :

1. Check the voltage before use it and whether the air pump revolves in a right direction.

2. There should be an earth wire and regular inspection.


C. Attentions:

1.In the event of strong wind (6 or more winds),heavy rainy, snowy, fogy, inflatable tent is prohibited to use outdoor.

2. If the inflatable tent's pressure is too soft, arrange for all people evacuation ,and then to check there if there are leaks and torn holes.

3.During the tent inflating if you find the tent cant stand up by itself  please in virtue of manpower to help it stand up .


D. Cleaning and Storage:

1. Cut off the power, separate the air pump and inflatable tent . It usually takes 2-3 hours minutes to let air out with the air pump . The extra air must be squeezed out. If the device is watered, please dry it.

2. Do cleaning, use detergent to clean the stain, wipe away the grease, and cleaned with water, then dry it. Usually it can be cleaned by wet rags.

3. If do not use it for a long time, clean and pack it well. The best temperature to store is -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius.

4. Air pump should stay away from wet and corrosion. Inflatable tent should be protected from insects biting.


E. Maintenance

1. Clean the damage.

2. Pick up a piece of material from repair kit and cut 3 times as the damage in a circle shape.

3. Put some glue both on the damage and repair material.

4. Dry the glue totally and naturally (about 5 minutes). Then put them together and press them. The inflatable tent can be used again a few hours later.

5. If there is a large-scale non-normal damage, factory can provide professional maintenance services .

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