What Is Inflatable Freestyle Airbag ?


        Putting the Airbag behind the ski jump, it provides the perfect and safest protection for all kinds of freestyle platform exercises. The inflatable airbag is not only for skiing and snowboarding, but also for off-road bicycles or other. Non-motorized sports. Even professional athletes believe that atmospheric inflatable airbag can help them improve their skills!

        Inflatable Airbag of Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited has expanded to the United States, Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world at present now ! We have exported more than 100 pieces inflatable air bag to the world. Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing and use in a variety of environments.

        Our Joyinflatable air bag has been tested all over the world through extreme sports, so it can be used for extreme sports in a fun and safe way!

        The inflatable airbag is suitable for all types of people. Children, adults, beginners, senior skiers/snowboarders, and  airbag are also essential equipment for professional athletes to improve their self-movement difficulty. Airbag are also suitable for off-road bicycles and non-motorized sports.

1. Inflatable air bag is extremely resistant to tearing, low temperature resistance, and operates normally under extreme conditions.

2. the product  warranty 2 years, quality products and services are the top priority, which is also a safety guarantee!

Perfect and safe inflatable air bag , we have been researching and developing the functionality, safety, service life and appearance of  airbag A typical example of safety: the air bag at the bottom of the air cushion is 60 cm high. If the air bag is higher, the outer wall must be used.

Inflatable air bag  (freestyle)

The air bag system has a multi-layer air cushion: a tear-resistant layer that greatly reduces the layer and the soft top layer. When a person drops the  aire bag , there is enough air to attract people to fall through the special air holes. An additional layer of gas and a protective layer protect the air bag  from damage, also known as an impact protection layer. After use, the impact protection layer needs to be replaced after about 2 seasons. Inflatable air bag are suitable for veneers, skiing, snowmobiling, cross-country, mountain biking and other non-motorized sports.


What components does an air bag include?

a standard airbag

a top tear resistant cold protection layer

a tear and cold protection layer on the left and right sides

a tear-resistant and cold-proof protective layer on the front and back sides


A multi-function repair kit


The life-saving inflatable air cushion is an inflatable cushion that rescues people falling from a height, which can reduce the impact of the falling person on the ground, and buffer and protect.

The life-saving inflatable cushion fabric produced by Guangzhou Zhuoyi Toys Co., Ltd. is made of special fire-retardant fabric, made of tough vinyl fiber as the inner layer and externally coated with fire-retardant flame retardant. It has high tear strength, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance and so on.

The product structure is mainly divided into three layers, the low-pressure upper layer undertakes the surface air cushion, the emergency high-pressure protective surface air cushion, and the independent fan connects the air cushion layer. The operation process takes a few minutes to fill the entire air cushion with air to reach the free fall.

Product advantages

The surface of the product is flat, the seam technology is adopted at each joint, the structure specification is accurate and reasonable, and the technology is leading.

Free fall personnel fall on the air  bag joint and do not rebound, do not touch the ground

The person falls on the air bag , the air bag does not fall, and does not roll over.

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